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Experience TSSE

Please visit our student projects pages for more details on exciting designs such as:

imageSince 1991 the program has brought together students from the Mechanical, Electrical and Combat Systems Engineering curricula. On top of the foundations of these curricula, the TSSE students learn Systems Engineering and design methods, systems integration and get major experience in team-performed design of a Navy ship. This is a strongly interdisciplinary program, within the engineering disciplines.   These students have a firm grounding in an engineering discipline, are given a strong basis in Systems Engineering and Integration and are challenged to exercise their expertise in a team design environment. In their ship design capstone they are required to deal with the entire breadth of ship design considerations (though, realistically, some areas are treated in greater depth than others, depending on the nature of the project in question).image

Become a member of a large interdisciplinary team and a team-of-teams! Not only you will participate in the platform design of your own TSSE team but you will also be a part of campus-wide team. As an example, you may be cooperating with the Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA) team of students. In such a cooperation you will learn how to proceed from an abstract set of general requirements to a functional decomposition that ultimately leads into engineering solutions.