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Welcome to the Total Ship Systems Engineering Program at NPS

Welcome to the Total Ship Systems Engineering program at the Naval Postgraduate School . The program, since its inception in 1992, provides a broad based, systems engineering and design oriented education, focusing on the warship as a total engineering system, including needs, mission effectiveness, hull, mechanical, electrical, and combat systems.

The Total Ship Systems Engineering Program is intended to contribute to the development of the Navy’s ship and systems design leaders of the future. The program emphasizes the overarching need for integration among and across technologies and traditional disciplines to enable future warships to prevail against increasingly challenging threats. Students from the Electrical Engineering, Combat Systems Science and Technology and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering curricula are eligible to participate. The program builds on the Masters Degree foundation of the eligible students by introducing them to systems engineering methods as well as various technologies important to the integration of modern warships. The program culminates in a team-performed Navy ship conceptual design.

The student’s Masters Degree is the foundation of the program. TSSE adds to this a grounding in Systems Engineering principles and process and tools and techniques for integration of complex systems. The whole experience is completed by the capstone design project which gives the students the opportunity, in a benign educational environment, to apply their systems engineering knowledge in an interdisciplinary team to a realistic design.

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