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Information Assurance

NPS computer users are the front line of defense for custody, control, and confidentiality of all data and systems they use. The use of safe passwords, up-to-date anti-virus software, familiarization with appropriate use guidelines and lab rules, and the development and practice of sound user procedures, are all essential in protecting NPS IT systems from access by non-authorized users. Our Internet connection enhances education at NPS, but exposes the user and NPS to greater security risks. Weak passwords, unsound practices, and carelessness can cause security failures that defeat Information Assurance protection programs.

Prior to users accessing any of the IT systems on campus, they must complete the annual DoD Information Assurance Awareness training. Prior to arriving on campus, you can access and complete this training at: You should bring a copy of the latest completion certificate with you to campus when you check in.

If you are an existing NPS IT user and have not taken the course in the current fiscal year, you can access the course from your training menu at:

More information regarding Information Assurance and other important IT topics may be found on the NPS Intranet at: (internal only).

Also review NPS Virus Protection

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