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IT Knowledgebase: SharePoint: Thesis Specific

Do I have to use SharePoint for my thesis?
Yes. All students are required to use SharePoint when working with Thesis Processing. However, DL students may be excluded from this requirement if Internet connectivity is unavailable.

How do I get a SharePoint site for my thesis?
ITACS will create a SharePoint thesis site for you at the beginning of your second-to-last quarter using information from Python. If you would like a thesis SharePoint site sooner than that, fill in your thesis title and thesis advisor information in Python (Instructions here) and then send a request for the site to be created to the TAC (Instructions here).

What if I知 working on my thesis and it freezes?
With or without SharePoint, Microsoft Word may freeze while you are working on your thesis. If it does, it may be because of interactions between Word and MathType, or issues with embedded graphics. Call the TAC, x1046, to be put in touch with someone who can fix the problem.

I have already started my thesis. How do I get it into SharePoint?
To put your thesis into SharePoint:

  1. Go to your SharePoint site by clicking on the link in the e-mail that announced your site
  2. Click Upload Document
  3. Click Browse
  4. Find your thesis (on your H drive, thumb drive, etc.)
  5. Ensure that you Check In the document
  6. Click Save and Close
Can I get to my SharePoint site from home (or as a Distance Learning student)?
Yes. DL students or anyone who wants to access SharePoint from home will need VPN client software installed on your home PC or laptop. To obtain the VPN client please go to the following link and click on Available Software list:
  1. Log in with your NPS account (ERN\username) then your password
  2. Once you are logged in, click on VPN Client Software
  3. Read the install notes and follow the instructions

Can I get to my SharePoint site when I知 connected to the network via a wireless connection?
Yes. Anyone using the VPN client, not a domain member or using a wireless connection must use this URL: (of course, putting your login name where it says 砥sername.) If prompted for your username and password type: ERN\username then your password.

Check-in and Check-out? What痴 that?
You and your advisors should always check out your thesis from SharePoint whenever you make changes. Note that SharePoint does not prevent you from opening your thesis by just double clicking on it, but it opens in read-only mode. To save your changes, you would have to give it a different name, making it difficult for your team to recognize the current copy. Instead, you want to use SharePoint versioning. Check-out also prevents two people from editing the same file at the same time.

MAC Users: Skip the check-in/check-out steps and download and upload your papers instead.

How do I check out my thesis for updates?
To check out and work on your thesis:

  1. Move your cursor over the filename of your thesis.
  2. Check the down arrow.
  3. Select Check Out.
  4. To open the document, select 摘dit in Microsoft Office Word. When it opens, there will be a Task Pane that is now a dialog box that opens in the center of the screen. While you have the document checked out, no one else will be able to open it except in Read Only mode.
  5. Make any editing changes you want to make.
  6. When you are finished, Save your changes then,
  7. Click 鼎heck In on the Task Pane on the right, or
  8. Click File, Check In.
  9. In the Comments block, place a brief comment that identifies the changes you made, like 鼎hecked and corrected sources per Prof. Smith痴 request or 天erified and implemented formatting changes noted by thesis checker. Comments are NOT required.
  10. Exit Word.
  11. Comments are visible on the main screen; it is no longer necessary to pull up “Version History.”
What about PDF (Acrobat) files?
Using the drop-down menu is now the better choice than double-clicking to open Acrobat files. By double-clicking to open, (A) any markup made will be lost because the file opens as read only, and (B) closing the file closes the entire SharePoint site.

What if my thesis advisor (or anyone else I知 working with) checked out my thesis and then went out of town?
During business hours, email After hours, you can open your thesis read-only, save it with a new name, and work on it. You can upload it to your SharePoint site as in 3. above. Then, next business day, you can contact again and have your thesis checked back in by a SharePoint administrator. NOTE: the version you would be working on would not contain any changes the advisor made on the copy he (or she) checked out. You would need to coordinate with your advisor as soon as possible to reconcile differences.

How can I get back to my personal SharePoint site to work on my thesis?
Initially, you should click on the link in the e-mail that announced your site to you. Save the URL in your Favorites. Site content is accessible from both a Web browser and through clients that support Web Services.

How do I notify the Thesis Processor that I have my thesis ready for review?
Follow the instructions on this page to submit your thesis for review.

How does the Thesis Processor in the Research Office notify me of needed changes?
The thesis processor will notify you by e-mail.

How does my thesis advisor get access to my thesis-in-progress?
Please send an email to to have your advisors added to your thesis SharePoint site.

How do I "fall back" to a previous version of my thesis, to undo current changes?
Move your cursor over your thesis filename, click the down arrow, and select 天ersion History. Based on the comments, decide which version you want to fall back to.

I'm in my final quarter, and I haven't received info about my sharepoint site. What do I do?
Contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) with your request, and we'll get a site setup right away. The TAC website, along with contact information, is located here:

In Python, where do I enter my Thesis Information?
The process is as follows:

  • After logging in to Python, expand "Student Folio" (left-hand menu)
  • click on "My Matrix" and then select the "Student Information" tab.
You will see a section on the Student Information page for Thesis Information. It should be self-explanatory after that.

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