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"The Naval Postgraduate School is a national - and international - treasure. With its rigorous curriculum, talented faculty and a diverse student body that includes students from all the U.S. armed forces, other federal agencies and more than 60 nations, NPS contributes greatly to enhanced joint, coalition and interagency effectiveness. Knowledge and imagination are the keys to dealing with the challenges of this new era, and here at NPS those keys are forged. The Naval Postgraduate School rightly boasts an illustrious past, but I am convinced that its future burns even brighter."

Adm. Michael G. Mullen, Ret.
Chairman of the Joint 
Chiefs of Staff (2007-2011)
NPS Class of 1985


President, Vice Adm. (ret.) Ronald A. Route


Vice Adm. (ret.) Ronald A. Route became President of the Naval Postgraduate School in October 2013.




Provost and Academic Dean, Dr. Steven R. Lerman


Dr. Steven R. Lerman became Provost and Academic Dean of the university in August 2016. 




Chief of Staff Capt. Anthony J. Parisi

Capt. Anthony J. Parisi assumed duties as Chief of Staff in July 2015. 


Board of Advisors

The Naval Postgraduate School Board of Advisors is an 18-member federal advisory committee providing guidance on matters pertaining to NPS and its graduate education and research programs. The Board, comprised of senior defense, academia and industry leaders, reports to the Secretary of the Navy, the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

University Deans / Senior Administration

Each of the university's academic schools as well as NPS' robust research program is led by a Dean providing strategic direction for each organization to achieve the highest levels in academic excellence and relevant research. Throughout the leadership structure at NPS are visionaries capable of marrying high-level, forward-thinking academia with real-world DoD relevance, guiding the university to excel in its unique niche.

Senior Management

Providing critical management across varied functional support areas are a team of leaders dedicated to high-level, responsible and efficient service to the Naval Postgraduate School and the Navy. NPS' Senior Management team oversee the efficient delivery of empowering services to the institution, enabling the NPS community to fulfill its mission of unique academic excellence and relevant research.

Senior Staff

  • Inspector General Victor Jarrett
  • Public Affairs Officer Lt. Cmdr. Clint Phillips
  • Flag Secretary CWO4 George Emmanuel Williams
  • Director, Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment Lt. Cmdr. Angela Weyrick
  • Security Manager/Special Security Officer Marcus "Andy" Andersen
  • Counsel Katherine Ashton
  • Staff Judge Advocate Capt. Pamela Ball, JAGC


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Public Affairs Office
Tel: (831) 656-1068
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NPS Inspector General
Tel: (831) 656-1803
Tel: (800) 522-3451 (Naval IG)
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