Chapter 1
Purpose of this Document
Chapter 2
Composition, Purpose and Structure of the Academic Council
2.1 Statement of Academic Council Purposes and Authority
2.2 Composition of the Council
2.2.1 Officers from the School At Large
2.2.2 Officers from Academic Units
2.2.3 Alternates
2.3 Chair of the Council
2.4 Secretary of the Council
2.5 Recording Secretary of the Council
2.6 Standing Committees
2.6.1 Appointment
2.6.2 Replacing Members
2.6.3 Course Review Committee
2.6.4 Curriculum, Certificate, and Degree Requirements Committee
2.6.5 Doctoral Committee
2.6.6 Special Programs Committee
2.6.7 Nominations Committee
2.7 Ad Hoc Committees
Chapter 3
Authority, Procedures and the Operation of the Academic Council
3.1 Standing Committees' Authorities and Actions
3.1.1 Course Review Committee
3.1.2 Curricula, Certificate, and Degree Requirements Committee
3.1.3 Doctoral Committee
3.1.4 Special Programs Committee
3.1.5 Nominations Committee
3.2 Agenda and Timing of Meetings
3.3 Procedures for Running Academic Council Meetings
3.4 Procedures for Reaching the Academic Council with a Request
3.5 Notification of Council Decisions
3.6 Appealing a Council Decision
3.7 Policies Pertaining to The Academic Council Policy Manual
3.7.1 Revising the Existing Manual
3.7.2 The Process for Complete Revision of the Manual
3.7.3 Circulation of the Manual
Chapter 4
Admission to Degree Programs
4.1 Bachelor of Science Degrees
4.2 Master's Degrees
4.3 Engineer's Degrees
4.4 Ph.D./Doctoral Degrees
Chapter 5
University Degree Requirements
5.1 Bachelor's of Science/Arts Degree
5.2 Master's Degrees
5.2.1 Thesis or Capstone Project Advisor Qualifications
5.2.2 Joint Theses
5.2.3 Time Limits for Completing the Master's Degree
5.3 Engineer's Degrees
5.4 Ph.D. Degrees
5.4.1 Sequence of Events Leading to a Ph.D.
5.4.2 Departmental Ph.D. Committee
5.4.3 Selection of Dissertation Supervisor, Dissertation Committee, and Dissertation Topic
5.4.4 The Dissertation Committee
5.4.5 Qualifications and Responsibilities of the Dissertation Supervisor
5.4.6 The Dissertation Topic
5.4.7 Minor Fields, Language, and Computer Related Requirements
5.4.8 Written Qualifying Examination
5.4.9 Oral Qualifying Examination
5.4.10 Report of Examination
5.4.11 Time Limits for Retaking the Qualifying Examination
5.4.12 Advancement to Candidacy
5.4.13 Dissertation Defense
5.4.14 Report of Successful Defense
5.4.15 Approved Dissertation
5.4.16 Award of the Degree
5.4.17 Time Limits for Retaking the Dissertation Defense
5.4.18 Time Limit for Completing the Ph.D.
5.4.19 Candidacy Extension
5.4.20 Termination of Candidacy
5.4.21 Restoring a Lapsed Candidacy
Chapter 6
6.1 Student Records
6.1.1 Grading Procedures
6.1.2 Course Credit for Master's Thesis Work
6.1.3 Credit Hour Policy
6.2 Registration for Courses
6.3 Course Designators
6.4 Auditing Courses
6.5 Course Enrollment Limitations
6.6 Special Situations
6.6.1 Credit by Examination
6.6.2 Validation
6.6.3 Transferring Credit
6.6.4 Withdrawal from a Course
6.6.5 Repeating Courses to Improve Grades
6.6.6 Incomplete Courses
6.6.7 Extended Absences
6.7 Course Syllabus
Chapter 7
Degree Completion
7.1 Nomination for Degree
7.2 Date of Degree
7.3 Degrees with Distinction
7.4 Special Provision for Ph.D. Degrees
7.5 Special Conditions
7.5.1 Incomplete Degrees: Thesis Extensions
7.5.2 Waivers for QPR and Course Requirements
7.5.3 Waivers for Failing Required Courses
7.5.4 Revocation of Degrees
7.5.5 Awarding a Degree Posthumously
7.6 Multiple Degree Programs within the Naval Postgraduate School
7.6.1 Qualification for an Internal Dual Degree Program
7.6.2 Application for an Internal Dual Degree Program
7.6.3 Required Progress Report
7.6.4 Double Counting Courses
7.6.5 Programs leading to Three or More Degrees
7.7 Joint Degree Programs
7.7.1 General Provisions for a Joint Degree
7.7.2 Requirements for Approval of a Joint Degree Program
7.7.3 Reporting and Reviewing Requirements for a Joint Degree Program
7.8 Dual Degree Programs with Partnering Institutions
7.8.1 General Provisions for a Dual Degree with a Partnering Institution
7.8.2 Requirements for Approval of a Dual Degree Program with a Partnering Institution
7.8.3 Reporting and Reviewing Requirements of a Dual Degree Program with a Partnering Institution
7.8.4 Required Notation on Student Records of Dual Degrees with Partnering Institutions
Chapter 8
Modifying the NPS Curriculum
8.1 Adding and Modifying Courses in the Course Catalog
8.1.1 Adding a Course
8.1.2 Modifying an Existing Course
8.2 Removing a Course from the Catalog
8.3 Restoring a Retired Course to the Course Catalog
8.4 Changing or Adding Master's Degree Programs
8.5 Adding Ph.D. Programs
Chapter 9
Academic Certificates
9.1 Definition
9.2 Authority
9.3 Criteria
9.4 Proposal Procedures
Appendix A. Glossary
Appendix B. References
Appendix C. Summary of Milestones for Ph.D. Degrees
Appendix D. Degree Requirements