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Graduate School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Curricula
Graduate School of Business and Public Policy (GSBPP)
GSBPP Degree Programs and Curricula Summary
GSBPP Administration
GSBPP Faculty
Acquisition Management Academic Area
Financial Management Academic Area
Manpower and Economics Academic Area
Operations and Logistics Management Academic Area
Organizations and Management Academic Area
Enterprise and Information Academic Area
GSBPP Programs and Curricula
Defense-Focused MBA Program
Logistics Management Curricula
Acquisition Management Curricula
Acquisition and Contract Management Curriculum 815
Systems Acquisition Management - Curriculum 816
Financial Management Curriculum
Financial Management - Curriculum 837
Financial Management (Energy Specialty) - 838
Information Management Curriculum
Logistics Information Technology - Curriculum 870
Defense Management Curricula
Defense Business Management - Curriculum 809
Defense Systems Management-International - Curriculum 818
Resource Planning and Management - International - Curriculum 820
Master of Science in Management Programs
Defense Systems Analysis - Curriculum 817
Manpower Systems Analysis - Curriculum 847
Executive Degree Programs
Executive Master of Business Administration (for Military students) - Curriculum 805
Executive Master of Business Administration (for Civilian students) - Curriculum 807
Executive Degree Programs
Master of Science in Contract Management (DL) - Curriculum 835
Master of Science in Program Management (MSPM) - Curriculum 836
Non-Degree Professional Development Programs
Certificate in Stability, Security and Development in Complex Operations - Curriculum 210
Advanced Acquisition Program (AAP) - Certificate in Program Management - Curriculum 211
Acquisition Management Distance Learning Program (AMDLP) - Curriculum 212
Certificate in Civil Military Operations and the Rule of Law (Res & DL) - Curriculum 215
GSBPP Courses
GB Courses (MBA Program)
<GB1000 - GB3510 Courses>
<GB4014 - GB4490 Courses>
<GB4510 - GB4999 Courses>
GE Courses (EMBA Program)
<GE3010 - GE3510 Courses>
<GE4015 - GE4510 Courses>
GP Courses
<GP3100 - GP4800 Courses>
MN Courses
<MN0163 - MN3042 Courses>
<MN3101 - MN3172 Courses>
<MN3221 - MN3342 Courses>
<MN3352 - MN4354 Courses>
<MN3361 - MN3611 Courses>
<MN3760 - MN4091 Courses>
<MN4104 - MN4123 Courses>
<MN4125 - MN4157 Courses>
<MN4304 - MN4379 Courses>
<MN4414 - MN4999 Courses>
Defense Resources Management Institute (DRMI)
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (GSEAS)
Department of Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics Course Descriptions
MA Courses
<MA Courses MAR125-MA2300>
<MA Courses MA3001-MA3730>
<MA Courses MA4026-MA5810>
MO Courses
<MO Courses MO1180-MO1903>
Network Science Certificate - Curriculum 200
Mathematics of Secure Communication Certificate - Curriculum 280
Certificate in Scientific Computation - Curriculum 283
Applied Mathematics - Curriculum 380
Applied Mathematics PhD - Curriculum 381
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering Course Descriptions
EC Courses
<EC Courses EC0810-EC2990>
<EC Courses EC3000-EC3460>
<EC Courses EC3500-EC3910, 30,...90>
<EC Courses EC4000-EC4360>
<EC Courses EC4400-EC4590>
<EC Courses EC4600-EC4795>
<EC Courses EC4800-EC5810>
EO Courses
<EO Courses EO2402-EO4911>
<EO Courses EO2402-EO4911>
Electronic Systems Engineering - Curriculum 590
Electronic Systems Engineering (DL) - Curriculum 592
Electrical Systems Engineering (Energy) - Curriculum 593
Electronic Systems Engineering PhD - Curriculum 594
Total Ship Systems Engineering (Under Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Cyber Warfare Certificate - Curriculum 288
Signal Processing Certificate - Curriculum 290
Electric Ships and Power Systems Certificate - Curriculum 291
Electronic Warfare Engineer Academic Certificate - Curriculum 292
Journeyman EW Engineer Academic Certificate Program - Curriculum 293
Senior EW Engineer Academic Certificate Program - Curriculum 294
Network Engineering Certificate - Curriculum 295
Cyber Systems Certificate - Curriculum 296
Wireless Network Security Certificate - Curriculum 297
Engineering Acoustics Academic Committee
Underwater Acoustic Systems - Curriculum 535
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Course Descriptions
AE Courses
<AE Courses AE0810-AE4452>
<AE Courses AE4502-AE5810>
ME Courses
<ME Courses ME0810-ME3801>
<ME Courses ME4101-ME4550>
<ME Courses ME4612-ME5810>
MS Courses
<MS Courses MS2201-MS4822>
MX Courses
<MX Courses MX2001-MX4000>
TS Courses
<TS Courses TS3000-TS4003>
Engineering Modeling and Simulation Certificate - Curriculum 279
Naval/Mechanical Engineering (Energy Focus) - Curriculum 563
Naval/Mechanical Engineering - Curriculum 570
Total Ship Systems Engineering (Under Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Naval Reactors-Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Program - Curriculum 571
Distance Learning Program in Mechanical Engineering for Nuclear Trained Officers - Curriculum 572
Mechanical Engineering PhD, Astronautical Engineering PhD, Aeronautical Engineering PhD - Curriculum 573
Aerospace Engineering - Curriculum 609
U.S. Naval Test Pilot School/Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Program – Curriculum 613
Department of Meteorology
Meteorology Course Descriptions
MR Courses
<MR Courses MR0001-MR3321>
<MR Courses MR3413-MR3610>
<MR Courses MR4234-MR5810>
Meteorology - Curriculum 372
Meteorology PhD - Curriculum 387
Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) - Curriculum 373 (Under Department of Meteorology)
Department of Oceanography
Oceanography Course Descriptions
OC Courses
<OC Courses OC0001-OC3445>
<OC Courses OC3520-OC5810>
Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) - Curriculum 373 (Under Department of Oceanography)
Operational Oceanography - Curriculum 374
Oceanography - Curriculum 440
Oceanography PhD - Curriculum 443
Department of Physics
Physics Course Descriptions
PC Courses
<PC Courses PC2013-PC4860>
PH Courses
<PH Courses PH0810-PH2151>
<PH Courses PH2203-PH3998>
<PH Courses PH4001-PH4371>
<PH Courses PH4409-PH4760>
<PH Courses PH4771-PH5810>
Combat Systems Science and Engineering Certificate - Curriculum 233 (Resident) / 234 (DL)
Combat Systems Sciences and Engineering - Curriculum 533
Engineering Acoustics PhD - Curriculum 536
Applied Physics PhD - Curriculum 537
Space Systems Academic Group
Space Systems Course Descriptions
SS Courses
<SS Courses SS0810-SS4900>
Space Systems Certificate (SSC) - Curriculum 273
Space Systems Operations (DL) - Curriculum 316
Space Systems Operations (International) - Curriculum 364
Space Systems Operations - Curriculum 366
Space Systems Engineering - Curriculum 591
Space Systems Engineering PhD - Curriculum 597
Department of Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering Course Descriptions
SE Courses
<SE Courses SE0811-SE3113>
<SE Courses SE3121-SE3166>
<SE Courses SE3201-SE3351>
<SE Courses SE3410-SE3910>
<SE Courses SE4003-SE4420>
<SE Courses SE4501-SE4950>
SI Courses
<SI Courses SI0810-SI4900>
Lead Systems Integrator Certificate - Curriculum 232
Reliability & Maintainability Engineering Certificate - Curriculum 242
Modeling and Simulation Management Certificate - Curriculum 265
Systems Engineering Certificate - Curriculum 282
Systems Engineering Analysis Program - Curriculum 308
Systems Engineering (DL) - Curriculum 311
Aviation Systems Engineering – Curriculum 312
Systems Engineering - Curriculum 580
Systems Engineering PhD - Curriculum 581
Systems Engineering Management (MSSEM) /Product Development (DL) - Curriculum 721
Undersea Warfare Academic Group
Undersea Warfare Course Descriptions
UW Courses
<UW Courses UW0001-UW3303>
Anti-Submarine Warfare Certificate - Curriculum 274
Undersea Warfare - Curriculum 525 (US Students), 526 (International Students)
Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences (GSOIS)
Department of Computer Sciences
Computer Science Course Descriptions
CS Refresher Courses
<CS Refresher Courses CSR100-CSR101>
CS Courses
<CS Courses CS0001-CS2173>
<CS Courses CS3000-CS3310>
<CS Courses CS3502-CS3920>
<CS Courses CS4112-CS4556>
<CS Courses CS4600-CS5810>
MV Courses
<MV Courses MV0810-MV3923>
<MV Courses MV4000-MV4302>
<MV Courses MV4460-MV5810>
SW Courses
<SW Courses SW0810-SW4583>
<SW Courses SW4590-SW5810>
Healthcare Modeling & Simulation Certificate -- Curriculum 240 (DL)
Cyber Security Fundamentals Certificate -- Curriculum 256 (DL), Curriculum 257 (RES)
Cyber Security Defense Certificate -- Curriculum 258 (DL), Curriculum 259 (Resident)
Cyber Security Adversarial Techniques Certificate -- Curriculum 260 (DL), Curriculum 261 (RES)
Data Science Certificate (DL) -- Curriculum 268
Master of Computing Technology (MCT) - Curriculum 357 (Distance Learning)
Computer Science - Curriculum 368 (Resident), Curriculum 376 (Distance Learning)
Software Engineering - Curriculum 369 (Resident and Distance Learning)
Master of Arts in Identity Management and Cyber Security (MAIDMCS) -- Curriculum 377 (Hybrid)/Curriculum 378 (Resident)
Computer Science PhD - Curriculum 384
Software Engineering PhD - Curriculum 385 (Resident and Distance Learning)
Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation (MOVES) PhD - Curriculum 398
Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation (MOVES) - Curriculum 399
Information Systems Security Engineering (ISSE) Certificate – Curriculum 270
Identity Management Certificate -- Curriculum 278
Department of Defense Analysis
Defense Analysis Course Descriptions
DA Courses
<DA Courses DA0810-DA3105>
<DA Courses DA3120-DA3900>
<DA Courses DA4101-DA4470>
<DA Courses DA4500-DA4900>
Information Strategy and Political Warfare - Curriculum 698
Special Operations/Irregular Warfare - Curriculum 699
Department of Information Sciences
Information Sciences Course Descriptions
CC Courses
<CC Courses CC0001-CC4920>
CY Courses
<CY0809 - CY3800 Courses>
<CY4400 - CY4901 Courses>
IO Courses
<IO Courses IO0001-IO4300>
IS Courses
<IS Courses IS0001-IS3720>
<IS Courses IS4010-IS5810>
IW Courses
<IW Courses IW0001-IW4960>
Network Operations and Technology-Operations (NWOT-OPS) - Academic Certificate in Network Operations and Technology-Operations - Curriculum 271
Network Operations and Technology-Technology (NWOT-TECH) - Academic Certificate in Network Operations and Technology-Technology - Curriculum 272
Fundamentals in Information Systems Technology (Electronically Delivered) (EFIST) - Curriculum 276
Knowledge Superiority (KS) Academic Certificate in Information Systems and Operations - Curriculum 277
Certificate in Cyber Operations (DL & Res) - Curriculum 225/226
Cyber Operations Infrastructure (DL & Res) - Curriculum 227/228
Information Systems and Operations - Curriculum 356
Joint Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) Systems - Curriculum 365
Information Systems and Technology - Curriculum 370
Applied Cyber Operations (MACO) - Curriculum 336
Information Sciences PhD - Curriculum 474
Network Operations and Technology - Curriculum 386
Master of Science in Remote Sensing Intelligence - Curriculum 475
Information Warfare - Curriculum 595
Department of Operations Research
Operations Research Course Descriptions
OA Refresher Courses
<OAR Courses OAR100-OAR200>
OA Courses
<OA Courses OA0001-OA3910>
<OA Courses OA4101-OA4415>
<OA Courses OA4501-OA4608>
<OA Courses OA4610-OA5810>
OS Courses
<OS Courses OS2080-OS3211>
<OS Courses OS3301-OS4703>
<OS Courses OS4001-OS4703>
Human Systems Integration Certificate - Curriculum 262
Data Science Certificate -- Curriculum 268 (CS/OR)
Cost Estimating and Analysis Certificate (DL) - Curriculum 289
Certificate in Systems Analysis - Curriculum 281
Systems Engineering Analysis Program - Curriculum 308
Operations Analysis (Energy) - Curriculum 358
Operations Analysis - Curriculum 360
Operations Research - Logistics Analysis - Curriculum 361
Human Systems Integration - Curriculum 359 (DL), Curriculum 362 (RES)
Master of Systems Analysis - (DL) - Curriculum 363
Master of Cost Estimating and Analysis (MCEA) - (Distance Learning) - Curriculum 379
Operations Analysis PhD - Curriculum 382
Cyber Academic Group
Cyber Systems and Operations (CSO) (DL & Res) - Curriculum 326/327
School of International Graduate Studies (SIGS)
Department of National Security Affairs (NSA)
National Security Affairs Course Descriptions
FL Courses
<FL Courses FL0001-FL0009>
NS Courses
<NS Courses NS0810-NS3037>
<NS Courses NS3040-NS3285>
<NS Courses NS3300-NS3560>
<NS Courses NS3578-NS3668>
<NS Courses NS3700-NS3904>
<NS Courses NS4021-NS4160>
<NS Courses NS4225-NS4287>
<NS Courses NS4300-NS4560>
<NS Courses NS4610-NS4690>
<NS Courses NS4710-NS5810>
International Defense Planning Certificate - Curriculum 245
Regional Security Studies (Middle East, South Asia, and Africa) Certificate - Curriculum 246
Regional Security Studies (East & South East Asia) Certificate - Curriculum 247
Regional Security Studies (Western Hemisphere) Certificate - Curriculum 248
Regional Security Studies (Europe and Eurasia) Certificate - Curriculum 249
Regional Security Studies - Middle East, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa - Curriculum 681
Regional Security Studies - Far East, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific - Curriculum 682
Regional Security Studies - Western Hemisphere - Curriculum 683
Regional Security Studies - Europe and Eurasia - Curriculum 684
Civil-Military Relations - Curriculum 685
Strategic Studies - Curriculum 688
Homeland Security and Defense - Curriculum 691
Center for Homeland Defense and Security - Curriculum 692
Center for Homeland Defense and Security Courses
Center for Homeland Defense and Security Course Descriptions
CHDS Course Calendar AY16 - AY17
Homeland Security Executive Leaders Program
Homeland Security Executive Education Seminars
Combating Terrorism -- Policy and Strategy - Curriculum 693
Doctor of Philosophy in Security Studies - Curriculum 694
Center on Contemporary Conflict (CCC)
Point of Contact Information
Center for Civil-Military Relations (CCMR)
Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies (CSRS)
International Defense Acquisition Resource Management (IDARM)
Systems Engineering Analysis Curriculum and Program
Systems Engineering Analysis Program – Curriculum 308
Energy Academic Group
EN Courses
Certificate in Defense Energy - Curriculum 234
Naval War College Partnership & JPME
Professional Military Education (PME) and Joint Professional Military Education (JPME)
Naval War College Course Descriptions
Marine Corps Professional Military Education at NPS
Air Force Intermediate Development Education (IDE) at NPS
Nonresident Education Opportunities (Distance Learning)
Nonresident Education Opportunities (Distance Learning)
Air Force Institute of Technology—Distance Learning
Academic Calendars