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Thermal Imaging Workshop

Thermal Imaging Workshop - September 2009

Morning Speakers

  Dr. Karl van Bibber, Dean of Research -- Overview of NPS Research
  Professor R. Christopher Olsen, Executive Director the RSC for NPS -- Overview of the RSC
  Mr. Ross Overstreet*, FLIR Systems -- "Recent Advances in FLIR Infrared Cameras for Military Test Range and Industrial R&D Applications"
  Dr. Jeff Hall*, The Aerospace Corporation -- "Mineral and Gas Identification using High-Performance Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometers"
  Mr. Jeff Myers, UCSC/NASA Ames -- "NASA Airborne Thermal Imaging Systems"
  Dr. Chris Elvidge, NOAA -- "Low Light Imaging for Power Outage and Fire Detection"
  Dr. Dar Roberts, UCSB -- "Estimates of Active Fire Properties using AVIRIS, ASTER and MODIS"


Afternoon Panel Speakers

   * Dr. Doug Stow**, SDSU -- Moderator for Panel Discussion: "Disaster Technologies: Problems and Solutions With a Focus on Fire Response"
   * Mr. Vince Ambrosia**, CSUMB/NASA Ames (panel)
   * Mr. Steve Ambrose**, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (panel)
   * Mr. Mark Rosenberg**, CAL FIRE (panel)
   * Dr. Fred Kruse, RSC, NPS -- Summary


* Slides cannot be published at this time

** Notes and slides taken from the Panel Session: "Disaster Technologies: Problems and Solutions With a Focus on Fire Response."


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