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The Remote Sensing Center at NPS is involved in a number of cutting-edge projects.  Students have the opportunity to work with key researchers in the field of remote sensing, both at NPS and at collaborating institutions.  Our center incorporates hardware and software technologies that are commonly used in the field of remote sensing, and urges students and researchers to become familiar with these in both lab and field settings.



Remote Sensing Center summer interns collect LiDAR data in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA


CAPT Christopher Jones works with Naval Research Lab scientists in Australia in an effort to determine beach trafficability

 LT Cecelia McConnon works with a Naval Research Lab scientist to construct a sensor payload that will be flown over the coastal areas of the island of Tinian (part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands)


Angela Kim collects spectra from the Monterey, CA dunes


A helicopter lands on the dusty plains at Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ in an effort to better understand Helicopter Brownout

MAJ Frank Harmon takes field notes in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA before collecting GPS data and LiDAR points

Dr. Chad Brodel uses an infrared camera on a beach in Carmel, CA to determine temperatures as a sensor on an airplane simultaneously collects imagery overhead

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