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RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging)

RADAR is an active imaging system used in Remote Sensing for detection of land and sea targets, bathymetry, and terrain mapping. It has the advantage of being able to image at night and in cloudy weather conditions.  Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data are useful for identifying the nature of ground objects, vegetation, urban areas, etc., because they depolarize radar in characteristic ways.


Thesis work has been done at the Remote Sensing Center using polarimetric SAR for evaluation of helicopter landing sites to prevent helicopter brownout. For more information on helicopter brownout see the tab on Polarimetry.

Related Theses:

Exploration of Data Fusion between Polarimetric Radar and Multispectral Image Data
William D. Hall, Remote Sensing Intelligence
September 2012
Thesis Adsvisor: Fred A. Kruse
Second Reader: Brett Borden

The Use of Commercial Remote Sensing in Predicting Helicopter Brownout Conditions
Christine Kay Rabaja, Space Systems Operations
September 2009
Thesis Advisor: R. C. Olsen
Second Reader: David M. Trask

Utilizing Synthetic Aperture Radar to Predict Helicopter Brownout
Mitchell Rios, Space Systems Operations
September 2004

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