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Remote Sensing Center Capabilities

  •  Polarimetric Imagery analysis
         Experience with various systems, exploitation techniques, particularly in display algorithms


  •  Computing-
         Significant computing, display, and storage systems, including:
              4-screen PC and macintosh systems with 15 megapixel displays
              High speed terabyte storage and backup systems - PC, Mac, and Unix (Solaris) systems supporting all necessary industry standard research tools


  • ASD spectrometer -
         Heavily used for ground truth in spectral imaging experiments, and an Ocean Optics system for in situ ocean measurements
         Multiple GPS systems  for field work in remote sensing.


  • LIDAR analysis -
         Experience in exploitation of elevation data and waveform analysis using standard tools, such as Quick Terrain Modeler and ENVI.   Software development in Interactive Data Language (IDL) expertise developed for terrain classification and sensor fusion with imaging systems.

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